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Production of the powder-type extinguishers EXTRA-KZ

Aktobe Firefighting Equipment Plant has opportunity to offer you fire extinguishers made in

Kazakhstan. Today we produce powder-type and Carbon Dioxide extinguishers.

There are two kinds of the powder-type extinguishers, portable OP1 – OP10, and mobile OP 35-OP 100

(on the chassis). These extinguishers are filled with ABC class extinguishing powder which has a high

capacity for water repulsion and a low caking.

The powder-type fire extinguishers includes OP1, OP2, OP3, OP4, OP5, OP6, OP8, OP10, OP35, OP40,

OP50, OP70, OP80, OP100. OP is the abbreviation to Ognetushitel Poroshkovy which means Powder-

type Extinguisher, numbers 1, 2…100 mean weight of the extinguishing powder.

We are pleased to offer you powder-type extinguishers «EXTRA-KZ» tucked with ABC powder, designed

for firefighting and contains 80% of the main extinguishing agent which allows firefight more effectively.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers also come in two varieties: portable OU1-OU7, and mobile OU10-

OU55 tucked with carbon dioxide CO2.

All goods manufactured on our plant have:

-MES of RK License

-Serial certificate of conformity of the Republic of Kazakhstan

These documents are mandatory and their absence is a violation.