Dear Sirs!

     Aktobe Firefighting Equipment Plant is specialized production line,

which provides qualitative and modern means of primary fire extinguishing

for the citizens of Republic. The fire extinguisher EXTRA-KZ, manufactured

by our plant meets all the requirements of the All Union State standard, and

accredited by the Research Institute of MES of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Having the State Kazakhstani quality certificate, technical control department strictly

monitors outcome of the produced goods. It is also important that our factory provides

one-year warranty on the powder and carbon dioxide types of the fire extinguisher series,

as well as providing after-sales service with further reloading during the working lifespan

which is 10 years. Production uses modern high ranked fire extinguishing material for the

fire sources classified as ABCE. Multiple fire tests held in the aim of improving efficiency of

the EXTRA-KZ fire extinguishers, allow us to produce the best EXTRA-KZ fire extinguisher,

which is highly competitive with leading manufacturers of the ex CIS countries on the

Post-Soviet area. For today, considering short term of the manufacture formation, group of

our engineers give basic and important preference to the quality of the produced goods.

Enhanced protection against counterfeiting allows us boldly and proudly to call Aktobe

Firefighting Equipment Plant production of true Kazakhstani quality, without pursuing

commercial profit by cost-cutting. Herewith, EXTRA-KZ fire extinguisher produced on our plant

has optimally affordable price for every citizen of our Republic. Our fire extinguishers are

successfully used in the Republican and private facilities, kindergartens, schools, hospitals and

other various organizations up to the companies of oil and gas industry. 

Group of qualified engineers of Aktobe Firefighting Equipment Plant works expending every effort

for production process amplification and modernization with the aim of increasing qualitative

production in the interests of fire safety of our prospering country proudly named Kazakhstan.     

In 2014 our plant has mastered production of the sheet metal goods, namely Fire Cabinets

PRESTIZH-KZ, Fire Cabinets PRESTIZH-KZ EURO, Fire Cabinets PRESTIZH-KZ LUX, Fire Cabinets

PRESTIZH-KZ Econom, open and closed types of Fire Points PRESTIZH-KZ, sand boxes PRESTIZH-KZ.

All products are certifies and have permission of MES of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and ST-KZ

certificate as well. Products are powder painted by RAL 9016  RAL 3002 RAL3020 paint.

 Also  we started to produce fire crowbar, fire hook (collapsible for the closed fire points, and solid for

the open points), fire buckets.


Thank you for the trust in the domestic quality of the production.


Protect yourself and your property form fire!